Pub 231 is a casual, upbeat pub & grill with a modestly priced menu featuring traditional American classics prepared fresh daily.

The atmosphere is warm, cozy,  inviting and it’s a place where everyone knows your name.

Whether you are new to Pub 231 or a long-standing customer, we look forward to seeing you soon!

4 out of 3 people have trouble with math


Pub 231 Hours

Sunday - 11 am - 9 pm

Monday - 11 am - 12 am

Tuesday - Thurday 11am - 1am

Friday & Saturday 11am - 1:30am

Pub 231

Tori Pines Commons
6070 Telegraph Rd
across from Walgreens at

Erb & Telegraph
Oakville, MO 63129
ph: 314-293-1815